X-Files Logo 'Plus One'

by Chris Carter
The X-Files Cast

A spate of deaths, in which the victims were plagued by their own doppelgangers, lead Mulder and Scully to a pair of twins playing a dangerous game...

David Duchovney (Special Agent Fox Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Special Agent Dana Scully), Karin Konoval (Little Judy Poundstone / Little Chucky Poundstone), Benjamin Wilkinson (Dean Cavalier), Jared Ager-Foster (Arkie Seavers), Lossen Chambers (Nurse Peggy Easton), Alison Araya (Nurse Vickie Easton), Denise Dowse (Doctor Babsi Russel)

Directed by Kevin Hooks
Produced by Grace Gilroy and Gabe Rotter
Executive Producers Chris Carter and Glen Morgan

US TX (Fox):
17th January 2018 @ 8.00 pm (Central)

*Featuring Special Agent Fox 'Spooky' Mulderand and Special Agent Dana Scully